DSNL Audio Conference Login
  • DOs
  • DON'Ts
    1. For teleconference tone dial telephone is required.
    2. Avoid using parallel line for teleconference
    3. It's normally suggested that all participants mute their lines when they are not talking. (This will reduce the noise) Muting a line can be done by pressing * and 6.
    4. For any help during the conference press * and 0
    5. State name before speaking
    6. When on mobile or speaker phone, keep background noise to minimum when speaking
    7. Mute your line when not speaking
    8. Keep comments concise and focused on the topics.
    9. When asking questions you should name the person to whom your question is directed.
    10. Present your information in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner.
    11. Summarize the decision and action items.
    12. Advance planning of your conference calls, well in advance (especially during festive periods) like Diwali, Christmas, New year, Sankaranti etc, will avoid call / line / network congestions and help in hassle free conferencing.
    13. Please keep in mind the holidays and festive dates of other countries as well. Sometimes the calls do not get through during important days due to festivities and holidays - overseas.
    14. Ensure strong signals / connectivity while using mobile phones.
    15. Use the DTMF commands & control features for smoother & hassle free conferencing.
    16. Punch in the commands gently & confidently.
    17. Check your batteries or charge levels in your mobile phones.
    1. Do not put your conference phone on hold (esp; on a mobile handset), as it may start to play music and disturb the conference. It's always better to mute your line by pressing * and 6.
    2. Do not carry on a conversation with the person sitting besides you while a conference call is in progress with a speaker ON.
    3. Plan your conference calls well in advance (especially during festive periods) like Diwali, Christmas, New year, Sankaranti etc, to avoid call / line / network congestion.
    4. Do not punch in the DTMF commands slowly, as a double punch of these alpha numeric keys, makes the controls null & void.
    5. Ensure that the extension phone lines or the receiver is placed correctly. Any receiver not placed properly, will emit a hooting noise that could disturb the forum.
    6. Conferencing equipments should be kept away ( 6 - 8ft ) from audio & video equipments for optimized voice output or clarity.
    7. Avoid sitting right under a fan as this could hamper the audio clarity